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Tradition & Culture

Our Khadi is accredited by the Khadi board which means that it meets the highest standards of ethical sourcing and accredited as hand-spun, hand-loomed authentic khadi production - a history rich in tradition and respect. The tradition of khadi since 1921 marked Indian democratic independence, giving a nation the tools to create livelihoods. The rich tradition represented by the spinning and weaving of Khadi became a symbol of self-reliance and self-governance. The ancient traditions of hand-looming khadi and creating natural dyes from plants and insects enjoyed much respect in skills and tradition and we are experiencing a resurgence which is set to revive artisanal traditions, bringing vitality and sustainability back into rural Indian village communities, but also integrity and sustainability to artisans, designers in the textile industry and to consumers to make meaningful choices. 

Ethical Sourcing 

Our business model insists on small-scale ethical production, fair wages for workers and healthy working conditions for all. It also uses a decentralised supply chain in order to support the small business ecosystem.

It is fair to say that we are infatuated with the entire process of growing, sourcing, harvesting and preparing our plants and textiles. We work with small-scale farmers in Bihar and support their pesticide and chemical-free methods including the use of animal-led ploughs, growing flowers for natural dyes and human hands for harvest. We also seek to understand and encourage individual producers’ requirements and goals. In 2021 we began a new project to support farmers grow crops with indigenous seeds that require less water and no fertilisers. We also grow some plants in our own dye gardens in Australia. 

Fabric of Humanity pledges to invest profits from our sales to create an off-grid, solar-powered Khadi weaving unit, dye-house and production house run by our women artisans in Bihar. Our policy will be to produce 100 per cent zero waste products. We envision a dignified, profitable workplace supporting both the creation of quality artisanal cloth and the quality of our makers’ lives, where people can flourish both professionally and emotionally.

Environment & Health

We greatly respect the environment, valuing our renewable resources and work with small-scale farmers to ensure balance in their crops and the health and wellbeing of their workers. Our natural products are renewable, compostable, biodegradable, harm-free to workers and promote positive impacts to health when using or wearing our dyes or khadi textiles and our regenerative processes leave the people and the environment in an improved state. Workers working with natural dyes are not exposed to harmful chemicals or toxins (like synthetic dye production), nor is water run-off harmful to the environment where it is produced nor the environment where it is being used (unlike chemical dye production and consumption which affects communities where it is produced and communities where they are used). Khadi textiles are 100% cotton, renown for their warmth in winter and their breathability in summer when worn on the skin. When slept on or in khadi bed linen (coming soon), we are enjoying the same benefits while we sleep. Whatsmore, as khadi exudes beautiful human energy, it is said that this positive human affinity supports a healthy night of restorative sleep. We will purchase sustainable carbon offsets to offset any mandatory travel to our partners in rural India.

Regenerative Employment

For thousands of years naturally dyed, hand-loomed textiles such as ours have provided therapeutic properties for humanity and underpinned myth, ritual and life-affirming celebrations around the world. We believe by revisiting these ancient ways we can positively effect social change.

Our aim is to tread lightly on the planet while upholding a strong moral fibre. We foster tight knit and sustainable artisan communities by offering beautiful, contemporary future-heirlooms that have an ethical, social and environmental ethos embedded in every thread. Our makers are paramount to us. We aim to secure a high-quality livelihood for them by reviving ancient textile traditions alongside the pursuit of future innovation.


Our commitment is that every part of our products can return to the earth without harm. Our dyes are plant-based or are from insects or shells and our mordants and modifiers are mineral based. We work meticulously to source elastic and cotton thread for our bed linen that are compostable. We source ethical and sustainable cotton from small-scale protected farmers to package our bed linen and while we absolutely minimise our textile waste, we use any fabric off-cuts firstly in other fabrics and then to produce the labels on our bed linen packaging. We also proudly re-use our vat dyes to produce multiple colours, so a vat will be used 2 to 3 times to create different colours and finally we use a portion of our left-over dye to hand-stamp our labels and cartons. Our labels and packaging for our Natural Dyes are compostable & biodegradable including the resealable zipper, lining, meeting the highest EU standards and our glass jars are designed to be re-used.