Care and Washing

Naturally dyed fabric is pre-treated with a mordant which creates the capacity for dye particles to adhere to the fibres. Once khadi has been mordanted it can be redyed several times throughout its life.
Throughout the creation of your piece we have given the utmost care and attention to every stage of its production to ensure you are receiving a beautiful, quality product. 

If you are new to wearing/using natural fibre you will be amazed! It breathes unlike synthetic fibres, so you will find washing doesn’t need to be done after each wear.
Like all colour pigment, natural or synthetic, it can fade. 

Here are some tips on how to reduce this happening:

- Launder with a neutral PH detergent, or as close to neutral as possible 

- Rinse clothing thoroughly after washing to remove any excess detergent 

- Never hang item to dry in direct sunlight, dry in shade

- Clothing really doesn’t need washing after each wear. After wearing if given a good shake and hung up it will be fine for quite a few wears. Often hanging out on a hanger in the shade can be enough to freshen your garment. 

- Definitely no bleach, wool wash or stain remover please!

- It is advisable to wash separately for the first couple of washes just in case there is a colour run off. When we wash items we wash until a clear water run off occurs but occasionally residual colour can run in first washes.

- Avoid soaking in water for long period of time 

You will also notice that your khadi gets better with each wear, it softens and gets more and more comfortable.

Naturally dyed fabrics colour can soften, enjoy its life and then it can be redyed very easily.