Tradition & Culture

Our Khadi is accredited by the Khadi board which means that it meets the highest standards of ethical sourcing and accredited as hand-spun, hand-loomed authentic khadi production - a history rich in tradition and respect.

The tradition of khadi since 1921 marked Indian democratic independence, giving a nation the tools to create livelihoods. The rich tradition represented by the spinning and weaving of Khadi became a symbol of self-reliance and self-governance.

The ancient traditions of hand-looming khadi and creating natural dyes from plants and insects enjoyed much respect in skills and tradition and we are experiencing a resurgence which is set to revive artisanal traditions, bringing vitality and sustainability back into rural Indian village communities, but also integrity and sustainability to artisans, designers in the textile industry and to consumers to make meaningful choices. 

Fabric of Humanity is humbled by the opportunity to contribute to this movement towards traditional ways, and to make a positive difference to the textiles world and the health of those who live here.