Natural Dye Bundle Kit
Natural Dye Bundle Kit
Natural Dye Bundle Kit
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Natural Dye Bundle Kit

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Bundle me up! Our Natural Dye Bundle Kit contains :

3 x 5g of our key colours ; Cutch - Extract creates soft delicate beige to rich luscious browns, Marigold - Powder creates beautiful vibrant yellows, Sappanwood - Powder creates intense oranges to luscious reds.

0.5m pre-scoured 100% natural handloomed cotton

3m jute string

Flower petals

Necessary tannins & mordants for your project including ;

Tannin 3g, Alum Acetate 8g

Our Natural Dye Bundle Kit Instructions Guide has all the information you need to know. 

Naturally dyed fabric is pre-treated with a mordant which creates the capacity for dye particles to adhere to the fibres. Once khadi has been mordanted it can be redyed several times throughout its life.
Throughout the creation of your piece we have given the utmost care and attention to every stage of its production to ensure you are receiving a beautiful, quality product. If you are new to natural fibre you will be amazed! It breathes unlike synthetic fibres, so you will find washing doesn’t need to be done after each wear.
Like all colour pigment, natural or synthetic, it can fade. 

Here are some tips on how to reduce this happening: 

•Launder with a neutral PH detergent, or as close to neutral as possible 

•Rinse clothing thoroughly after washing to remove any excess detergent 

•Never hang item to dry in direct sunlight, dry in shade

•Clothing really doesn’t need washing after each wear. After wearing if given a good shake and hung up it will be fine for quite a few wears. Often hanging out on a hanger in the shade can be enough to freshen your garment. 

•Definitely no bleach, wool wash or stain remover please!

•It is advisable to wash separately for the first couple of washes just in case there is a colour run off. When we wash items we wash until a clear water run off occurs but occasionally residual colour can run in first washes.

•Avoid soaking in water for long period of time You will also notice that your khadi gets better with each wear, it softens and gets more and more comfortable.

Naturally dyed fabrics colour can soften eventually, enjoy its life and know it can be redyed very easily.

Nature is truly extraordinary, with modern convenience we have at large become significantly disconnected from traditional practices. Skills used for generations due to culture, tradition or necessity. Fortunately we are finally experiencing a textile revolution and we are now embracing nature’s colours. There is an abundance of knowledge held within the realms of nature, it is an individuals choice just how to interpret such abundance so long as you have the patience to listen and learn.

Abandon any preconceived idea of outcome, listen to your instincts and connect with the energy of flower, plant and bio colour, a true essence of nature.

Natural dyeing is a meditative practice that allows you to breath and be in the moment. Think of the earth, the water, the sun that shines, the decay that nurtures new growth, the seeds that fall and lay dormant till the balance is right for new growth.
Be the observer, learn of the seasons and what nature can provide.


Some benefits from dyeing with our kits

  • Creativity
  • Pure enjoyment
  • Learning to understand nature’s chemistry
  • Facts regarding natural dye
  • Creating a connection to our earth
  • An environmental perspective
  • Knowledge
  • A purpose for time management
  • Developing an eye and appreciation for attention to detail
  • Patience

Natural dyeing is an ancient practice often regarded as alchemic. Every dyer has their own techniques, methods and recipes for many reasons but the primary reason one should focus on is we all live on different land. Natural dyeing is a practice connected to the land, connected to the seasons, connected to the water and interpreted by the dyer and how successfully they can read, feel, see and sense their immediate natural environment. 

A dedicated craft that guides ones life with planting, watering, harvesting, drying, soaking, stirring, smelling, feeling, seeing, recording and listening. The deeper we go the more peaceful we live in tune with nature. 

Keeping this experience positive we won’t go into the impact the textile industry is having on the environment but I’m sure you know or have at least heard the discussions.


Natural dye has extremely limited impact on the environment.

Heating of vats - gas/electricity/fire. 
Water consumption for vats but that can be recycled onto gardens or water consumption for garden maintenance - rain water collection can support this as well as vat water. Vats can be reused many times over either by exhausting the dye pigment or even topping up the dye pigment content.
To be realistic all these uses create very limited impact and can be reduced to zero with focus and effort. 

“Everything is temporary; emotions, thoughts, people and scenery. Do not become attached, just flow with it.”



Please see our Natural Dye + Khadi Kit Instructions Guide for complete How To guide. 

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Fabric of Humanity is a social enterprise creating sustainable employment and positive impact with natural dyes and textiles. When you make a purchase you are not just a customer. You become a custodian and take a vital place within our story.

Customer Reviews

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New hobby

Loved my natural dye kit and your website where I could go and find things I needed to know more about. Have see the results of dyeing and wanted to have a try. This gave me everything I needed to begin without buying bulk. Very happy!

Denise Harker
Natural Dye Bundle Kit

My order arrived on time and was a delight to open. It was packaged and presented so well I didn’t want to disturb the added pot pourri, to unpack it. I am so excited to start using my botanicals for my new projects. I will definitely be back again.
Well done Fabric of Humanity.

Bec Aitken

Incredible service. Will be ordering again. Extremely fast and efficient. Highly recommend, oh and fantastic communication!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU