We believe in re-using, re-purposing and reducing waste. Breathing new life into your garment or textile is invigorating! 

Natural dye fades and this is something to be celebrated for it's uniqueness. The best way to describe colour fading is its the journey of natural dye, not a blatant fade as with chemical dyes, it goes on a journey of colour breaking down the hues and shades that nature has built within all she provides. 

The wonderful thing not many realise is that if mordanted correctly at the beginning you can re dye multiple times over the garments lifetime without having to re mordant. Let us help you!

Looking to out new life into an existing product or textile item, connect with us to create a conversation.

Bits to know :

Usually thread is synethic and as such will not dye

Worried about buttons - we can replace with Carozo/tagua nut buttons (vegetable ivory) which are natural and will take to the natural dye.

This is a customized service for all textiles made from natural fibre. The more information you share with us the more individual service we can share with you so together we create the best outcome for your textile.

Even if your textile has not been dyed with natural dye before it is quite possible this will be an option for you. Lets talk!

If you are re-dyeing a Fabric of Humanity product because you are a great human doing great things we will take 20% off your.

What next?

Send a photo of your garment/product or natural fibre, photo of any care or information labels and a short description to Give us 48hours to assess your item and we’ll come back with a quote. 

We’d then ask you to post or bring the items down to us and we’ll commence your project.